Ice Tool Axe from Tomb Raider


An ice tool is a specialized elaboration of the modern ice axe (and often described broadly as an ice axe or technical axe), used in ice climbing, mostly for the more difficult configurations.[1][2][3] Ice tools are used two to a person for the duration of a pitch, and thus in some circumstances such as top-rope-anchored climbs, a pair may be shared among two or more people, where only one of them at a time is climbing. In contrast a classical ice axe is used one to a person for the hours or days a party is traveling across snow or glacier. In communities where it is common to refer to an ice tool simply as an ice axe, classic ice axes are often referred to as traveling axes, walking axes, or general mountaineering axes to distinguish them from tools.

In climbing of vertical ice, two tools are needed in order for the climber (supported by cramponed feet) to use each tool in turn in maintaining balance with the body's center of mass nearly straight above the toes, while repositioning the other tool to a higher level, before raising the body weight with the legs and thereby setting the stage for repeating the process.

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