What is Pinshape About?

Idea guys

Connecting Makers & Designers

At Pinshape, our mission is to make 3D printing simple and fun! We strive to provide our users an easy-to-use platform that lets them explore, share and download high-quality 3D printable designs. We aim to build an engaging community of innovative makers and designers of all experience levels, who ultimately helps shape the future of 3D printing.


A Community Marketplace

We love 3D printing and all its potential! Our goal is to create a platform where all the key players in 3D printing (designers, makers, manufacturers, etc.) can further their investment in desktop 3D printing.

Pinshape is evolving a community marketplace where designers can flex their creative muscles and makers can create something inspiring in the comfort of their homes and offices. We are encouraging an exchange in feedback and knowledge sharing to further 3D printing as a game-changing practice for the future of on-demand manufacturing.

Pinshape is a part of Formlabs

As of April 2016, Pinshape has joined the Formlabs family.

Work With Our Brand

We love collaborating! You share about us, we share about you – it’s a beautiful thing.

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