Pinshape Ambassador Program

Get Involved!

Here at Pinshape, we’re a small startup with a team of 9 passionate people. We’re doing everything we can to help the community grow and flourish so you get the very best the world of 3D printing has to offer, but to help take the community to the next level, we need your help! We’re looking for passionate Pinshapers like you to get involved, spread the word and make 3D printing fun for everyone!

Pinshape 3d printing love

Reasons to Love Us

  • We’re independently owned & operated; all printers are welcome!
  • We have a great selection of high quality free and paid designs
  • We help designers share their work the way they want
  • We encourage makers & designers to share their knowledge
  • We never take ownership of your work
  • We always want to hear what you think would make the community better
  • We are constantly improving the site’s features and experience
Like a boss

Why We Need You

  • You have some serious 3D printing street cred
  • You have awesome first-hand experience in 3D printing and design
  • You understand the challenges of 3D printing and communities
  • You know where to find the answers to the tough maker questions
  • You have great product insight into how to make Pinshape better
We want you

How You Can Help

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