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We’re looking for ambassadors to help grow and shape the community. When you sign up as a Pinshape ambassador, we are committed to helping you market yourself and expand your reach.


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As a Pinshape ambassador, we will reward you with a badge on your profile and your avatar.

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If you’re working on a new project, let us know and will work with you to market your design or project and get it the most exposure possible.

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You’ll be one of the first to access unreleased features on the site to give us feedback on how to improve them before they’re released.


We’ll offer you exclusive discounts and free samples from our partners, only available to our ambassadors.

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Design Ambassador

We’re looking for incredible 3D designers to join our talented community. We want to celebrate great designs and make sure our designers are recognized for their amazing projects. Sign up as a design ambassador and we’ll help you market your projects.

Guest Blogger

We’re looking for great writers that have experience with 3D printing to help educate and entertain 3D printing enthusiasts. We are looking to for educational blog content including tutorials, top tips for designers and makers, Pinshaper community success stories, and cool projects. If you have an idea for a blog, please share it with us!

Maker Ambassador

Print designs on the site so we can verify them to the community. Upload your prints and you’ll get an exclusive badge and access to awesome discounts from our partners!

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