Modular USB & Pen Holder 3000

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"Give me your pens, your Sharpies, your huddled office supplies yearning to roll free. The wretched refuse of your cluttered desk."

Are your office supplies and memory cards mutating, growing legs, running away or vanishing when you need them the most? We present to you the Ultimate Modular Pen Holder Set 3000.

A Completely Modular Pen / USB / Memory Card holder for your home, office, or spacecraft cockpit.


  • 100mm tall with 6 expandable slots.

Memory Card / USB Module

  • Holds 4 USB sticks, 4 SD Cards, and 4 Micro SD cards. 60mm tall.

Auxiliary CORE

  • 100mm tall, attaches to MAIN CORE and provides extra space with 3 extra expandable slots.

Auxiliary Multi-Purpose CUP

  • 60mm tall with plenty of room for your smaller gadgets.

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