Handy Palm Sander 3000

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Are you tired of splinters, burrs, rough edges, paint chips and unwanted facial hair? Then these are the STL files for you.

  • This is a high tech, space age, futuristic hand tool that I brought back with me after I escaped to the present day from the year 3000.
  • It sands, it shapes, it smooths and removes unwanted burrs and splinters from your multiverse and deposits them in a small metal trash can in a dark shady alley 20 universes away.
  • ALL nuclear isotopes, fidget spinning blades of death and demon souls have been removed from the model and what is left is a useful sanding tool that fits in the palms of most primates.
  • Opposable thumbs may be necessary to use this sophisticated and intricate device.
  • The letters "3D" have been placed into the model to remind the user that this tool will not function in 2 dimensions.
  • Length = 100mm
  • Width = 40mm
  • Height = 25mm
  • Number of Parts = 3
  • Sandpaper
  • Opposable Thumbs
  • Common Sense

Print Settings Aurarum Wombot Exilis XL 

  • Rafts: No 
  • Supports: No 
  • Resolution: 0.3 
  • Infill:20

Recommend 3+ bottom layers for durability and heat resistance. 3+ shells and 20+% infill for added strength.

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