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EDIT- Since pinshape is having long term technical problems that prevents purchases I have moved everything over to Cults 3D here:

BoosterPack is a portable configurable light-duty clamp-on device that gives your bike an electric boost!  This is the set of 18 unique files that are used to build your very own "Bicycle BoosterPack" as seen on!   (STL files available exclusively on   (Note: The BoosterPack Mini is simply another configuration of these files, it just uses fewer of them. )

Assembly instructions:  

  On instructables here:

  New Video Series here:

Printing Notes:

**Parts must be printed in the orientation they appear when you load them!

**Post processing of files (such as threading holes) will be necessary. (thread holes in PLA underwater to prevent heat warp)

**These files are all guaranteed printable in ABS and PLA. 

**Please refer to the chart in the attached images for printing settings: (NOTE: All parts should have a minimum of 3 perimeters on all sides! Also, more infill than I've recommended couldn't hurt!)


**Associated Full Hardware kit sold here:

**Associated MINI Version Kit sold here:

**Associated Printed parts Available by request: 

Design Files

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Product Label Hardware only (1).pdf
321 KB
bicycle-boosterpack-3d-printing-84717 (1).jpg
113 KB
Frame Tube.stl
117 KB
Universal Motor Swing Arm.stl
898 KB
clamp Tray for ESC.stl
398 KB
50mm Motor Swing Arm REV2.stl
1.11 MB
60mm Motor Swing Arm REV2.stl
1.08 MB
Locking Tube End Cap.stl
630 KB
Carrying Handle.stl
212 KB
Clamp Body Hinged Tall.stl
2.25 MB
Clamp Body Hinged.stl
1.36 MB
Clamp Head Motor Mount.stl
2.87 MB
Clamp Head.stl
2.45 MB
Clamp Nut.stl
932 KB
Fan 50mm.stl
854 KB
Fan 60mm.stl
611 KB
Hinged Tube End Cap.stl
4.04 MB
Motor Mount Tube End Cap.stl
1.07 MB
Spring Tension Bushing 50mm.stl
630 KB
Spring Tension Bushing 60mm.stl
1.08 MB
Vent FLAT.stl
530 KB
Vent Standard.stl
2.52 MB
Wrench part 2.stl
1.62 MB
1.8 MB


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