SimpleSumo- Educational Fighting Robots!

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SimpleSumo is an awesome little open source robot which allows anyone to build their very own autonomous mini-sumo with no prior knowledge in robotics at a price that everyone can afford!

Designed with education in mind, I created the 'SimpleSumo' platform to lower the barrier to entry into the robot sport of mini-sumo.

These robots are easy enough to understand and build that kids can get started quickly, but they also offer great depth through Mr-potato-head-style mechanical customization and Arduino programming.

These toys are intended for small groups, ages 10+. Assembly takes ~1hr and requires minimal tool use and absolutely no soldering or breadboarding. Adult supervision is suggested for students who are younger than high school level.

**Complete & partial robot kits are available at this link, or you can print and gather everything yourself from scratch using these 3d printable files.

**For the full assembly instructions & up to date shopping list visit this page on

**For an up to date list of programs and where to find all things SimpleSumo, visit:

**The files included are enough to build the complete standard kit. For upgrades beyond that I chose to sell the 3d printable files in order to recoup my substantial R&D costs. They are <$3 on here:

**Video Series Introduction Link:


Printing Notes:

-Must be printed in ABS or PETG, 4 perimeters all sides top & bottom, 20% infill minimum, .3mm or finer layers.

-The tire treads are printed in flex filament, as flexible as you are capable of printing at 100% infill.

-You must reorient the files before printing, as shown in the yellow labeled images. All files print without supports except the cover, which I recommend printing upside down with supports to reduce the sag.

**Full collection here:

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