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Adventurous, curious, pioneering, brave, courageous, supported by a team 

These are values and attributes that i would like to have and that I think this avatar represents.

Dylan works for a syndicate of seafarers who's fishing grounds were bought out by greedy and corrupt businessmen. Now they get their revenge by intercepting the businessmen's ships and pirates and then distributing the spoils among the poor. Due to their lack of firepower the ex-fishermen ram the ships of their enemies  to sink them then it is Dylan's job to dive down to collect the treasure.

I created this avatar because I had already created the helmet (which i will release when I once printed it) as it looks cool.

This model should be printed in one piece with supports everywhere and at the highest possible resolution to capture the finer details.  fill: 30% layer height: 0.05 print speed: 50 approx total time: 40 hours (a lot)

This is the most organic model I have ever created, the last one was, and i am pretty proud of how it turned out. (made in Autodesk Inventor which isn't the best for organic forms, I tried to use freeforms but they don't export to .stl)

The model is 160mm tall but can be scaled to suit your printer size.

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