Prevent your spanners from floating away ever again, whether it be through your tool box or through space.

This tool allows you to have four different sizes of spanners easily on hand for quick repairs and installations at home or in space. It also includes a ring so it can be attached to your belt, hung on a nail or stuck to something with a horseshoe magnet.

depending on your slicer you may need to scale it by a factor of 10 to give the measurements listed on the files however all the pieces can be resized to give larger or smaller spanners.

All pieces should be printed at 85-100% density to preserve strength. None of the pieces require supports.

Top 2 should be glued to the bottom of Top 1 and then glued to Bottom once the spanners have been put onto the axle. (see pictures for more guidance)

In the future i may create other versions of this such as screwdrivers and Allen keys

Design Files

File Size

top 1.stl
62.7 KB
spanner 14mm.stl
31.3 KB
top 2.stl
40.9 KB
46.9 KB
spanner 12mm.stl
32.1 KB
spanner 16mm.stl
31.3 KB
spanner 18mm.stl
31.5 KB


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