This is a boomerang based on the Batman logo that will (hopefully) return, I haven't actually tested it though in theory it should work. It has had over 150 downloads and no complaints so I presume it works.

This website shows you how to throw a boomerang

The model is in one piece (at least when you print it :) ) dimensions are approx: 250x80x2.5 (mm) and can be printed without supports.

The lighter you print the boomerang (lower fill) the easier it will be to use (using about 10%-15% should be fine).

It will take around an hour and a half and use about 3.5 m and 10g of filament.

The outer corners are blunted to prevent damage to people or property.

There is a right hand model and a left hand model.

Design Files

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Batarang RH.stl
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Batarang LH.stl
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