'Handy' Phone Grip/Stand


This handle is designed to be attached to a phone to assist those who have limited use of their hand.

It can be used two different ways, with the hand facing in or out to suit different needs of those who use them.

To attach the handle just glue it to the case of your phone. Here are some 3D printable cases if you want to attach it to them (I do not own these):

If you need to put the phone in your pocket or need to remove the handle in the files below there is two files, the phone clip and the grip clip, attach these to the appropriate part and they slide together and can be removed again (see the 5th photo)

Also in the files below there is the "fingerless' files, they don't have separate finger holes but a larger hole (as seen in the photos).

The 'stand' file has a stand that the 'grip clip' can be attached to and slotted into the 'phone clip so that the phone can stand up (you can also  glue it straight onto the phone case).

I would print the 'grip' and 'fingerless' files at 20 - 30% fill, the stand file at 50%  and the clip files at 60 - 70%.

There is a left hand and a right handed version for both the regular ('grip') and the 'fingerless' versions. 

None of the pieces need support in their current orientations.

Some parts were created in Sketchup while other were designed in Autodesk Inventor.

Design Files

File Size

grip LH.stl
223 KB
grip RH.stl
223 KB
33.3 KB
grip clip.stl
7.57 KB
phone clip.stl
20.8 KB
fingerless LH.stl
75.8 KB
fingerless RH.stl
75.8 KB


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