Soviet Multi-Turret Tank (REVISED)Pack

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Summary This pack contains a large portion of the 1:100 World War Two era Soviet multi-turreted vehicles !!!!!!All vehicles have been revised with increased detail!!!!! current features T-35 1935 (main turret includes both the standard turret and turret with radio apparatus) T-35 1939 T-28 1934 T-28 1938 T-28 1940 T-28E SMK all turrets and hulls were made from scratch please view my other packs BT-42 ( Panzer III Pack ( Panzer I Pack ( T-34/76 pack ( Stug III Pack ( Heavy Flak Pack ( KV tank pack ( Japanese Prototype Pack ( Print Settings Printer: XYZ Davinci 1.0 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: 2.0mm Infill: 10% Post-Printing loose turret Some turrets have a loose fit. If you don't like this stick a little piece of the removed support plastic post print into the turret peg hole it should fix the loose turret problem

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