Summary This is a collection of 1:100 Soviet "High Speed" Tanks Special thanks to everyone who helped test print these vehicles. Currently contains BT-2 Early BT-2 BT-2 mg BT-2 Command BT-5 Early BT-5 Late BT-5 Early/Late command RBT-5 BT-7 Early BT-7 Late BT-7 Early/Late command BT-7 Trackless BT-7M BT-7M Command BT-7A Early BT-7A Late BT-7A Command BT-42 All models made from scratch Please join my group Please view my other packs Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: .1mm Infill: 10% Notes: Print hulls and turrets horizontally. Tracks should be flat with the face that contacts the hull down.

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