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Summary Hey guys it’s your boy タイガーエース1945 here to announce that from now on this page will be 100% anime 100% of the time! Please head on over to the world at war group to vote on your favorite tank-waifu to be ma………………………………..but seriously though, I had Valkyria Chronicles in my steam library for about 2 years now and I finally found the time to beat it. If you guys haven’t played it’s a Japanese game set in an alternate earth WW2 where you play as a militia group defending their home country Gallia (Poland/Belgium) against a military invasion from The Empire (Germany) on one side and espionage/political takeover by The Federation (Russia/Allies) on the other. Aside from the Anime components of the story (Honestly the most boring parts) the game not only focuses on but handles quite well some of the more touchy subjects of the war that are commonly ignored by most games. The game-play is a combination of turn based, first person shooter, and Real time strategy. I honestly don’t know how to explain it better but it’s a whole bunch of fun...... no I'm not being paid to say this, I actually liked the game..... I probably won’t be doing much of these fantasy tanks in the future, but this one was allot of fun to make and allowed me to practice modeling techniques that aren’t usually used. Probably won’t be doing any more stuff from the game either…….but if for some crazy reason one of you motivated individuals would like to I don’t know write some board game rules or something shoot me a PM, I would love to help ……… Currently contains all Upgrades to the Edelweiss that change the in-game model Standard Barrel (Gun-1) Barrel Protector (Gun-2) Reinforced Barrel (Gun-3) Extended Barrel (Gun-4) Standard Hull (Hull-1) Additional Armor (Hull-2) Reinforced Body (Hull-3) Reinforced Armor (Hull-4) Standard Armor (Armor-1) Frontal Armor (Armor-2) Turret Armor (Armor-3) Gun Barrel Armor (Armor-4) All vehicles made from scratch Please join my group Please view my other packs vidja game- (SEGAr plz no sue)

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