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SummaryBike stand extension for when you accidentally buy a too-small kickstand and don't want to buy another, thereby saving you another $30 which can go toward justifying that filament you've been wanting. .. or something like that. Printed at 25% infill, 4 top/bottom solid layers and 3 on the sides -> really strong. This version fits well - but I printed it 0.5 mm smaller X & Y which made is so tight I had to hammer it on the metal stand. In doing so, dented wood and cement from the other end of the metal -> but the filament didn't have an issue.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: PrintrbotPrinter: Simple BlackRafts: YesSupports: NoResolution: 0.3000 mmInfill: 25%Notes: Also, 4 top/bottom solid layers and 3 on the sides -> really strong.Post-PrintingsolidHow I Designed This1 minus 2really simple -> two cylinders subtracted from another - one for the stand, one for the nut/bolt

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