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This is a heart base I created where you can add engraving (before printing). I engraved, printed this in Hatchbox Wood+PLA filament, sanded, stained and added acrylic. (Having never worked with wood (even real) before, this seemed to turn out really well).

Everyone I showed this to believes it's wood and wonders how I engraved so perfectly ("with a computer, right? but how?"). They are surprised that it was 3d printed. My wife (who this gift was intended for) took ~15 seconds to realize this was 3d printed - a record long time for her - possibly also due to not believing I could actually burn/engrave wood.

(note: don't expect to print wood, then engrave by burning... the PLA+wood filament would only melt, not burn).

Good luck - hope to see what you produce.

Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple Black Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.1984mm Infill: 15% Notes: added a brim - probably didn't matter

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