Dragon Head Doorbell Cover (GLOW IN THE DARK VERSION)

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"Go ahead, ring the doorbell. It won't bite, right?"

Great for Halloween (esp. using Glow in the Dark Filament).

Dragon Head (posed/spliced from Daz3d Submillenial Dragon), with a cutout to place over a doorbell. Pushing the dragon's tongue, in the mouth, behind the teeth, rings the doorbell.

NOTE: may need to measure/fit/test for your doorbell. I used a small pivot (wood size of a 1/2 dime) behind the head so that it was easier to ring the doorbell.

GREAT INFO: Best way to illuminate glow in the dark filament -> is with a UV LED flashlight. INSTANT illumination, super bright... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015W17OSW

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