Raised Garden wood hinge replacement (frame it all)


Ever wanted a raised garden? Ever find 4' x 4' Raised Garden by 'frame it all' at your local hardware store? Ever break one of the flimsy hinges in seconds while installing it and not want to return it because you want to prove the value of your 3d printer to the rest of your family? Well, you're in luck! Now you can.

Print notes:

Used a Printrbot Simple Metal, no rafts, yes supports, 0.3mm resolution and 25% infill (sturdy). 8000 mm/min speed worked well for my Hatchbox Wood PLA (200° extruder and 70° bed).

Part created wider than the plastic piece it replaces for sturdiness. Works well - fits well.

NOTE: If using Simplify3d, you might see a red disc in the middle of the cylinder. (No other software shows this). If so, you can click (on the menu) Mesh->Separate Connected Surfaces. This will fix it (before printing). Otherwise a very hairline thin layer appears in the middle of the cylinder (can be removed easily afterward).

Design Files

File Size

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