Rear Fender for MTB (Extendable/Retractable)

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Extendable/Retractable mudguard for MTB. Designed for full suspension bikes. 

These bikes have lower frame in the back. But it might work for hard tails too but wont look as cool. made for 26 inch wheel but I guess its scalable if you have a big printer :) I printed it during two days and two nights or something and everything just fits and work perfectly. A really nice fit between the moving parts made me a bit proud over my machine. Especially since I printed at 110 mm/s and then increased the speed to 120 % on some parts. Incredible! 

Check back from time to time cuz my intentions is to update it with addons and such. Why don´t you modify and/or make your own better version :)

Instructions: (use cyanoacrylat super glue) 

1. Glue the outer fender (part 2 and 3) 

2. Slide in the inner fender parts and glue them sparsely so they dont get glued to the outer fender. When hardened, glue a second time cuz you are gonna be pulling this fender in and out many times during its lifetime :) (Make sure it slide back and forth cuz its the last time you will be able to take it out to make modifications to it like sanding)

3. Slide on the outer fender part 1 and glue it. (Now you wont be able to get the inner fender out anymore) 

4. Put it on your bike and make sure its on the right place and that the wheel spins freely with inner fender retracted and that it looks good when extended. Make it hold its position with doubled sided adhesive and glue on the additional holders to make it really sturdy and customised for your bike. 

5. Enjoy!

I used 46 meters of filament on the Ultimaker Original +

Layer height 0.15 Shell 0.8 Fill 20 % Speed 110 mm/s Temp 230 Bed temp 60 Support is optional (but not very necessary) Brim Nozzle 0.4

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Fender_inner 3.stl
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