Popplio - Pokemon Sun & Moon Water Starter

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Please watch this video for more information: https://youtu.be/ufz8foj4Xs8

It's finally time for the 3rd and final Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter. This is the Water Type Popplio. I created this model in Fusion 360 using the sculpting tools in there. Then I added the details using sketches. It took about 4 hours to model and another 7 to print.

Print Settings: Printer: Robo 3D R1 Filament: Hatchbox White PLA Layer Height: 0.1mm Infill: 20% Supports: Yes Raft: Yes

Post Processing: Step 1: Remove all supports and clean up any rough areas with sand paper or a file. Step 2: Apply a primer. We used automotive fill primer to help fill in the print lines as much as possible. Step 3: Paint it! We used water based acrylic paints with a paintbrush to apply the paint. Start with the blue on the body then move to the smaller details. Step 4: Let dry and enjoy!

I hope you like this. Let me know what you think. :)

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