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Roberto is finally here! I actually modeled this one a bit ago but I knew it would be very hard to print at a reasonably small scale on my FDM printers. And I knew an SLA printer was heading my way for review, so I waited and it was well worth the wait.

Roberto came out amazing. The supports pulled away extremely easy as long as I was careful to not bend the limbs too far. I actually removed them while wet, using fully gloved hands. There were a few zits where the supports were, but they were minor. The area under the eyes drooped slightly, but that was due to too few supports in that area.

After printing my wife painted it. She hardly needed to sand it, and that right there makes SLA worth it for us. She was able to get to the painting process very quickly compared to the FDM models I give her.

Printer: XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A Filament: Clear Resin Layer Height: 0.1mm Supports: Yes

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