Rowlet - Pokemon Sun & Moon Grass Starter

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It's time for another 3D model for you guys! This time I chose to make Rowlet, the new Grass Starter from Pokémon Sun & Moon. I also plan on making the other two starters very soon so make sure you get subscribed!

I created this model in Fusion 360 using their sculpting/forms tools. I created the main body using a box form. I just pulled out different spots until I had the shape I wanted. Then I created a sketch for the eyes and various details throughout the body. I extruded those and cut the form into pieces in order to keep the curvature on those details. The feet were created from sketches.

Print Settings: (Robo 3D R1) Layer Height: 0.1mm Infill: 20% Supports: Yes Raft: Yes Print Time: ~7 hours

Post Processing: Step 1: Sand/File any rough spots. Step 2: Apply plastic primer. Give it a few coats, letting it dry completely in between. Step 3: Apply a slightly off-white acrylic paint to his eyes and lower body. We used a sponge for fast and easy coverage. Step 4: Apply a tan color to the outer feathers using the same technique as Step 3. Step 5: Then we used a paintbrush to apply color to the details like the green feather/tail, and his feet and eyes. Step 6: Let dry and enjoy!

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