Giant Magnemite - Pokemon


Watch this video to see more of Magnemite:

It's a life size Magnemite! I'm a huge fan of Pokémon and I was looking for something that's a relatively simple shape to demonstrate my modeling process for an upcoming video. So Magnemite was perfect. Then I drew some inspiration from The 3D Printing Nerd to make him big!

This didn't take too long to model. It was round 3 hours when all was ready to print. This model is broken up into a few easier to print parts. The main sphere is in 2 parts with the eye on one side and the back being just a half-sphere. Then there are 2 magnets with a magnet pin to allow the magnets to rotate freely in the socket to provide a little more accuracy to the character. Then there are 3 screws that will just fit in the corresponding holes on the model. This model can be pretty easily scaled as well. The smaller version was just scaled down from the big one.

The big version was printed on my Robo3D in PLA and it took close to 40 hours to print everything. The smaller version was printed on my Da Vinci 1.0 Pro in ABS and took about 14 hours to print.

After that my wife attempted to walk me through her painting/post-processing techniques. The smaller one was finished by me, as you can probably tell by the quality. And the bigger one was finished beautifully by my wife. I will have a few videos coming shortly that completely show these processes from start to finish.

Print Settings: Printer (Big Magnemite): Robo3D R1 Printer (Small Magnemite): Da Vinci 1.0 Pro Filament (Big Magnemite): Hatchbox PLA Filament (Small Magnemite): XYZprinting ABS Layer Height: 0.3mm Infill: 15% Supports/Raft: Yes

Design Files

File Size

Magnet Pin.stl
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56 KB
Screw Legs.stl
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Screw Top.stl
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Body Back.stl
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Body Top.stl
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