Adalinda: The Singing Serpent

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UPDATE: Someone pointed out that perhaps there was a bit too much geometry for Adalinda. In the interests of keeping people happy, I have uploaded a decimated version. Adalinda was briefly on CNBC being used as a demo model at the NYC 3D printing conference. Many thanks to Anoroc for letting me know and for using her for his demonstration:-) "Once a century, Adalinda flies to the top of the highest mountain in the realm and sings for her love who died so long ago" I am sure dragons can sing. Here is Adalinda, a female dragon whose song is the most haunting of all. I've had it on my mind for a while to build a dragon, but I wanted to make one that didn't require supports or assembly and here she is. Tolkien style Dragons are not generally shaped to avoid overhang, so the design took some experimentation and thought as I didn't want to compromise too much with shapes. You will need to use lots of cooling when printing her with PLA. With ABS, an enclosed environment is preferred as too much cooling will cause the model to crack I have built her with an open mouth and hollow throat because I wanted her to really look as though she is singing, so don't be surprised at the partial hollow when printing. Adalinda was sculpted using Blender.

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