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Odile is a character from the ballet "Swan Lake". She is the daughter of Von Rothbart, the evil sorcerer who turned the Princess Odette into a swan. Odette has a champion in Prince Siegfried who is in love with her, but Odile is sent by her father to seduce Seigfried, so he will forget his love for Odette. Odile is commonly known as the Black Swan, but of course, you can print her any colour that you like. There is a lack of 3D printable swans and definitely those that can be printed without supports - so I made one. Full size she is about 8cm high but scales well. The small dark blue Odile was printed using a beta LittleRP resin printer ( with MakerJuice ( For scale, the little Odile is sitting on a US quarter and is next to a British 10 pence piece. Odile was modeled in Blender.

She prints as she is and should not require supports.

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