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A promotional skull for our newly unveiled 3D Printer Skull Kits: 'Boneheads'! If you like the model, please checkout our Kickstarter campaign for 'Boneheads' and lend your support. It's greatly appreciated and extra cool to have you in our community. See it all here: ...If you hurry, you can have a ton of these guys printed and ready for the Game of Thrones premier! Additional details: Completed Skull is about 4.5 inches long. Printable in about 2 hours. 7-8% Infill tested well. Snaps together. No glue, smoothing, or even supports needed. Includes a mount for the display that will be rewarded from our Boneheads Kickstarter. Thanks for checking this out! ~Q Boneheads, And All Subsequent Models are Copyright 2013-2014 Ghost Capital LLC dba - All Rights Reserved.

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