Twin Blade 360 Utility Knife

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An amazing addition to any arsenal is this is new prototype knife from Mutant Design. Featuring two blades and a 360 degree locking mechanism this knife is more of a multi-tool than anything else. Able to transform into a hammer, pick, spear, grappling hook and even an axe with the flick of a finger this is a very versatile tool. The ultimate survival companion also features multiple mounting points, used to tie this device to any stick or staff to transform from a knife all the way up to a pole-arm. A small amount of screws, spring and glue are required to assemble but the process couldn’t be any easier (see images).

Copyright (c) 2015 Mutant Design

Warning : Although this is only a prototype this knife is still considered dangerous and it is advised that is used with caution to avoid injury. Please do not attempt to use as a functional tool, this is only a prototype.

Design Files

File Size Mech - Twin Blade 360 [].stl
596 KB Butt - Twin Blade 360 [].stl
243 KB - Twin Blade 360 [].stl
154 KB 1 - Twin Blade 360 [].stl
848 KB 2 - Twin Blade 360 [].stl
834 KB - Twin Blade 360 [].stl
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