Cannon Fodder - Party Popper Cannon

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A simple player shaped target/token for use with our Party Popper Cannon. Use these tokens to play games with your friends or practice your target shooting to become an expert marksman. See how far you can hit these targets at and hide them behind obstacles to make it even harder. Don't forget to show us your skills and give us feedback on how you enjoy your Party Popper Cannon. Have fun and as always play safe!


Centimeters : 2.50 w x 2.00 d x 5.00 h

Inches : 0.98 w x 0.79 d x 1.97 h

Please note : This is only a digital download (STL file) used on a 3-D printer, not a physical item.

WARNING: Take all necessary precautions and wear safety equipment during use. Be careful when handling party poppers, as they do contain explosives, and never fire at anyone.

The purchasing of this product does not award the customer the rights to use this 3D model for monetary gain or re-sale. The designer retains all copyrights and intellectual property rights even after these files are sold.

Copyright (c) Chris Czech 2015

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