8-bit Christmas Star

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Become invincible this Christmas with Mutant Designs 8-bit Christmas Tree Star. Print it out in any size you want and wack it on top of your Christmas tree to create the best retro tree around. Featuring a standard size hole in the base for mounting onto your Christmas tree and the ability to stand on its legs as well this can make a great decoration all year round as well as for cos-play and parties.

With so many reasons to go for it what are you waiting for? Download yours today.


Centimeters : 10.0 w x 2.50 d x 10.0 h    |     Inches : 3.93 w x 0.98 d x 3.93 h


Purchasing this product does not award the customer the rights to use this 3D model for monetary gain or re-sale. The designer retains all copyrights and intellectual property rights even after these files are sold. We are not in any way associated with Nintendo or the Mario franchise.

Copyright (c) Mutant Design 2015

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