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Looking for a simple strong solution for your next electronics/robotics project? Introducing the DC Motor Clip, designed to be used as a strong sturdy base for DC Motors in all applications. Simply glue or screw it down to any surface and clip in a round DC motor. Super easy to install and very versatile, this clip has been designed to scale up and down to fit any motor size and is extremely strong and flexible. What are you waiting for? Download and start printing yours now for free!


Originally designed to fit motors with a 25mm (1 inch) diameter, but can be scaled up or down easily.

Copyright (c) 2015 Mutant Design 


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Double Motor Clip (1 axis) [mutantdesign.com.au].stl
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Double Motor Clip (2 axis) [mutantdesign.com.au].stl
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Double Motor Clip (3 axis) [mutantdesign.com.au].stl
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Single Motor Clip [mutantdesign.com.au].stl
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