Candle Signal Towers

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Light the towers to signal that next big event. Whether it is a big party, a small gathering or just a chance to relax these medieval style signal tower candle holders create the perfect atmosphere for any moment. Coming in three unique designs you are sure to enjoy these fun models.

Great to be used as guard towers/props for miniatures and for medieval style lighting. These models are easy to print and are very structurally stable, all while using the minimum amount of filament necessary for good material economy.

Let the fun begin and pass on the torch with your very own set of Signal Towers from Mutant Design.


Centimeters: 4.70 w x 4.70 l x 8.00 h

Inches : 1.85 w x 1.85 d x 3.14 h


WARNING : Always be careful when lighting candles and do not leave unattended. These models are made to be printed with fire-retardant materials that are non-flammable. Mutant Design does not take any responsibility for how these 3D files are used. Purchasing these files does not give the buyer the right to distribute them and all rights are reserved by Mutant Design.

Copyright Chris Czech (c) 2015

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