Hesine 505 and ANET A8 Blower Upgrade

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The Hesine 505 printer has a blower that is placed 90 degrees to the Extruder, making it very difficult to make a custom blower nozzle. The OEM Blower nozzle is designed to create a restriction that limits airflow. This modification will set the Blower angle to 30 degrees, making it easy to print multiple blower nozzle styles. The nozzle design is such to enhance the airflow also. The base attaches to the existing blower mount with M3 X .5 X 8mm socket head cap screws. the blower mount plate attaches to the base with 2 - 2-56 X .250" screws. The blower attaches to the mount plate with M4 Nylon screws (Tap the plate for M4). the nozzle attaches to the mount plate with 2 - 2-56 X .250" socket head cap screws. see "assembly1 and 2" for details. Since this blower mod is more free flowing you may have to reduce your blower output. Enjoy!!

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