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I saw this designed on thingiverse and loved it but when i printed it it was off center and the flanges for mounting the cover on the blower were too thin and it made a loud vibrating noise and it almost broke off mounting it. so i measured my blower and long behold a functioning just as good looking turbine style blower print cooler cover.

sliced and printed using cura

.2 mm layer height, initial layer .3 mm, wall bottom and top thickness 1.2 mm 7 layers, infill i believe to be 20%, print temp 208C, Bed temp. 65C, 


print speed 80 mm/s, infill speed 65 mm/s, wall speed 40 mm/s, travel speed 100 mm/s.

cooling enabled 100%

initial fan speed 30%

no supports

brin adhesion with 15 lines.

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