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Simple mount I designed for my Creative Live! Sync HD webcam to do timelapses and video streams for monitoring on my Anet A8.

The bottom flap of the camera pops into the little slot at the top, and the slots at the bottom slide onto the undercarriage of the print bed. I was just doing this for kicks to see if I could do it without using any mounting hardware or disassembling the bed, but I'm surprised at how well it works.

The timelapse ( shows the printing of the final version of the mount. It was taken with a very loose but workable previous version of the camera mount.

I recommend supports for 50 degree or more overhangs, touching the bed. The removal of the support material wasn't too bad if you have a scraper tool and use the Cura slicer. I used concentric supports (not the 3D concentric, though).

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