.38 Special 5-Round Pocket Case


Item Details

One of my friends requested a case for .38 Special rounds to keep in his pocket while hunting.  This is what I came up with.

This is 5 parts total.

You may need to do some sanding to get the dovetail joints aligned, but it shouldn't require much.  

I used super glue to secure the parts, but, without any sanding, everything was functioning without the super glue.

The clip may require some slight bending to get the case to close.  I had one function perfectly off the printer, but the other one had to be gently pried back.  I think it was just a printer cooling issue that caused some slight warping.

All objects **should** be oriented correctly for printing.

Printing Details

I used a 0.2 mm layer height since this item doesn't need to be pretty.

This piece doesn't require a lot of skill.

Design Files

File Size

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