Z Axis Synchronizer For Hesine 505

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Z Axis Synchronizer for the Hesine 505

My Printer (Hesine 505) has a Z stop only on the left side, which makes the right side get lost sometimes especially during power up. I have to re-level before I can print which is a PIA. I designed this double miter gear arrangement to keep both Z axis in sync at all times. I did not want to use a continuous long GT2 timing belt as the slop factor is too great. The Miter Gears are a 20 deg. Angle type Miter gear that is slop free and smooth running. The whole assembly is easy to adjust once installed. I have provided 2 drill templates that will allow the alignment of the 8 holes for the 2-56 Socket Head Cap screws. The gears and all the parts are easily printed with no overhangs. I used PLA with 4 top and Bottom layers and 4 perimeters @ 100u per layer. Now when I print the extruder is always at the proper height and parallel to the build surface ( I do not use a bed leveling routine in my firmware). The Gears are secured to their shafts using 4-40 set screws. The shafts are K&S Brass tube 3/16” OD for the Left Gear and ¼” OD for the cross or connecting shaft. The 3/16” Brass tube will need to be sanded slightly ~.002” to fit inside the 3/16” ID X ½” OD by .200” Wide Ball Bearings (I used standard Router pilot bearings here) The Z Lead screws had to raised to mount the Right hand miter gear and is supported by 2- 8 X 12 X 3.5mm Stainless Steel Shielded Ball Bearings from McMaster Carr PN# 7804K115 $8.03 / ea. The Z Lead screw support bearings are housed in the “Lower 8mm Bearing Holder.STL” These are tapped 2-56 and are secured to the bottom of the top acrylic plates that are sandwiched  between the lower bearing holder and the “Top Bearing Frame.STL” using 4  2-56 X ¾ Socket Head Cap Screws for each tower.  The long couplings (5mm X 8MM) are used to raise the Z Lead Screws These are secured with 6-32 set screws. Use the collars to secure the 3/16” shaft from sliding laterally and to hold the gear in mesh. The split couplings are 2 piece with caps to hold the ¼” Brass connecting shaft in place. Use 2-56 X ¼” SHCS here. This arrangement works so smoothly and is totally slop free.  Note: when tapping PLA 4 perimeters are required and tapping should always be done by hand and very slowly to avoid heat build up. I have also included the "X Axis End Plate.stl" This plate will support the right hand Z slide from being pulled inwards towards the left side due to X Belt tension. This pulling bows the Z Vertical rods inward and limits the tension you can have on the X Belt. Print with PLA and tap the 2 holes 6-32. use 2  6-32X 3/4" screws with jam nuts to apply pressure to the X rods. The plate is simply CA glued into the side of the right hand Z slide. as shown in the photo.

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Top Bearing Frame.stl
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Top Bearing Frame Drill Template.stl
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bevel gear Right 8mm Shaft.stl
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bevel gear left. 3-16 inch Shaft.stl
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3-16 collar.stl
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coupling-Z Axis.stl
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coupling-188X250 cap.stl
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3-16 Spacer collar.stl
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Bearing Cap.stl
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Lower 8mm Bearing holder.stl
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X Axis End Plate.stl
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