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Summary The Hesine 505B Printer comes with a belt holder for the "X" Slide carriage, Adjustment of the T belt was almost impossible. The 3 STL's presented here will enable the belt to be fine adjusted for best performance. The Belt plate is tapped for 2-56 screws after printing. Notes for Tapping in PLA; only hand tap never use a drill, it will overheat the plastic. The adjusters are secured to the belt plate with 4 (2-56 X 3/8") socket head cap screws. The adjustment screw is a 2-56 X 1/2" socket head cap screw. the Belt plate is secured to the Metal extruder carrier with 2 M3 x .5 x 8 socket head cap screws. I have uploaded the 10mm PMA Conduit clamp and cover as requested. The PMA clamp utilizes 2-56 x 1/2" screws for the top cover and 4 m4 x 8mm to attach to the linear bearing blocks Print Settings Printer: Hesine 505B "Generic Chinese Printer" Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 100u Infill: 20% Notes: 4 perimeters and 4 top and bottom layers

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