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In honor of the release of Avengers Infinity War, here is a special Avengers Logo where the letters are mounted on a gear train.  The gear train allows the letters to spin in a synchronized manner, allowing for a dramatic reveal of the logo.

Here is a video with more details and some humor about Hawkeye, if you are interested:

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STL quantities to print:

A, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

V, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

E1, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

N, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

G, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

E2, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

R, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

S, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

Base-left, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

Base-middle, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

Base-right, Avengers Logo {QTY 1x}

Mounting Shaft, Avengers Logo {QTY 8x}


I printed the gears/letters upright, so there is support material to remove.  Be careful when removing support, as the section connecting the gear to the letter can be delicate.

I stiffened up the “A” and the “G” with a support rib in the back because I had issues with the connecting section breaking during support removal.  So be especially careful with those letters!


Carefully remove support material as discussed above.

The video (and exploded view) show how to assemble this.  Be sure to get the positioning of the gears/letters correct, with respect to each other, so they are synchronized when turning.  I find it helps to press each gear/letter on in order, from “A” to “S”, with the logo facing front (revealed).

You can put a little super glue or epoxy on the top of the "Mounting Shaft, Avengers Logo" shafts before pressing the gears/letters in place, if you want to ensure the gears/letters can’t pop off.

The base is printed in 3 parts for those with small build envelops and just needs to be pressed together.

Design Files

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A, Avengers Logo.STL
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Base-left, Avengers Logo.STL
60 KB
Base-middle, Avengers Logo.STL
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Base-right, Avengers Logo.STL
60 KB
G, Avengers Logo.STL
119 KB
Mounting Shaft, Avengers Logo.STL
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N, Avengers Logo.STL
111 KB
R, Avengers Logo.STL
122 KB
S, Avengers Logo.STL
124 KB
E1, Avengers Logo.STL
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E2, Avengers Logo.STL
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V, Avengers Logo.STL
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