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This device lets you convert your cell phone into a digital Etch-A-Sketch.  

Here is a video that shows how this and the classic Etch-A-Sketch work:

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It does require some additional items beyond 3D printed parts to function (conductive stylus, jumper wire, etc.).  A full parts list is included with the STL files. I have also included assembly and operating instructions.

You can buy a kit of all the non 3D printed parts at my Etsy store:


This is cheaper than buying the raw supplies, which would give you enough material to build 6x Cell Phone Sketchers, but has a higher total cost.

Please note that I found differences in touchscreens sensing the stylus, especially between Android and Apple cell phones.  Apple devices require the stylus to be electrically tied back to the user.

However, I haven’t done extensive testing on different Android phone manufacturers, so if you want to guarantee this will work, also buy the wrist strap.  More information on this is included in the instructions.

Some inspiration for this design came from:




STL quantities to print:

Baseplate, Cell Phone Sketcher {QTY 1x}

X-Axis Carriage, Cell Phone Sketcher {QTY 1x}

X-Axis Knob, Cell Phone Sketcher {QTY 1x}

Y-Axis Knob, Cell Phone Sketcher {QTY 1x}

Y-Axis Rack, Cell Phone Sketcher {QTY 1x}

Knob Retainer, Cell Phone Sketcher {QTY 2x}

Design Files

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Assembly- Cell Phone Sketcher v2.pdf
637 KB
Parts List- Cell Phone Sketcher v2.pdf
73.4 KB
Operation- Cell Phone Sketcher v2.pdf
358 KB
X-Axis Carriage, Cell Phone Sketcher.STL
232 KB
Y-Axis Rack, Cell Phone Sketcher.STL
172 KB
Knob Retainer Cell Phone Sketcher.STL
33.8 KB
X-Axis Knob Cell Phone Sketcher.STL
197 KB
Y-Axis Knob Cell Phone Sketcher.STL
198 KB
Baseplate, Cell Phone Sketcher.STL
66.5 KB


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