Star Wars Rose’s Rebel Alliance Iris Ring

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My take on Rose’s Rebel Alliance iris ring from The Last Jedi. I have included materials needed here, but I also did an instructional video on how to make and assemble this:

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The iris mechanism is based on this design: I felt this would scale down to a ring size much better than other iris designs. With this design I was able to make the blades much thicker and easier to handle. Assembly is still a little delicate, but the video lays out clear instructions on how to do it.

The only uncommon material needed for this build is M1 x 6mm cheese head screws. I listed my source under in the .pdf (or .xlsx) BOM under “Thing Files”, but hopefully someone can find a better source.

STL quantities to print: 

Iris Blade, SW Rose Ring {QTY 6x} 

Rebel Symbol Insert, SW Rose Ring {QTY 1x} 

Ring Base, SW Rose Ring {QTY 1x} [see below for different sizes]

Ring Cap, SW Rose Ring {QTY 1x} 

Slotted Disc, SW Rose Ring {QTY 1x} 



It was requested to add more versions of the Ring Base, to fit different finger sizes. I added the following STL files: 

Ring Base, SW Rose Ring, 13mm ID Ring Base, 

SW Rose Ring, 15mm ID Ring Base, 

SW Rose Ring, 17mm ID Ring Base, 

SW Rose Ring, 19mm ID Ring Base, 

SW Rose Ring, 21.6mm ID (same size as file from 12-29-17) Ring Base, 

SW Rose Ring, 23mm ID Ring Base, 

SW Rose Ring, 25mm ID 

The "XXmm ID" refers to the inner diameter of the ring portion being XXmm in diameter. This should allow you to pick the right size Ring Base for you needs.

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