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I was a huge fan of the original Star Wars Battlefront games. The remakes aren't as good but are still great in there own ways. One being the variety of weapons. Thus I present you the Sonic Imploder. A basic design but still really cool for display. Add a light and some sound effects(if you know how) and it brings it to life. I scaled it from 1 to 9 (H 153mm ). I have two different versions of some parts. One of the threaded tops has a hole which I used for the button, I still had to use a drill since it was to small be it helps to have smaller hole started. Also in the main case there is a bar that runs across originally I drilled two small holes into it and fed the wires through. I even tried to put the light leads through to anchor the lights in place but I managed to screw in the battery and used little wire. I added some foam around the light to diffuse it a bit. And with all prints you'll have to break away the supports and sand it a bit but it doesn't need to be shiny and smooth. A few scratches and rough patches make it look more real.

Layer Height:  .06

Shell Thickness: .08

Bottom/Top Thickness:  .8

Fill Density: 30

Print Speed:  40

Print Temp: 210

Bed Temp: 70

Support Type: Everywhere

Adhesion Type: Raft

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