Fable Guild Seal


Fable is one of my favorite games and arguable the one of the best RPGs. This is a design of the guild seal from Fable 2. The OBJ file imports rather small so I scaled it up from 1 to 16.  I split the OBJ into individual pieces so I can paint each of them separately. You can print them as a whole as long as you have decent support for the arrows. (Some sanding required depending on filament range) Most settings I leave as the default.

Layer Height:  .06

Shell Thickness: .08

Bottom/Top Thickness:  .8

Fill Density: 30

Print Speed:  40

Print Temp: 210

Bed Temp: 70

Support Type: Everywhere

Adhesion Type: Raft

Design Files

File Size

Fable Seal.obj
2.92 MB


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