Star wars Legion - Tatooine Scenery easy to print !

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A pack of .stl easy to print for the game Star Wars : Legion, the new wargame in star wars universe coming in 2018. Prepare your battlefield with this really good and tested scenery !

  • 3 houses (Little, Average, Big)
  • 2 tatooine feeler
  • 1 underground shed
  • 1 barricade

Perfect scale for Legion. (28-32mm)

Printing tips : 

  • No support !
  • Infill : Hollow or 10%
  • Printing speed : 80ms

You can print all of this set in aprox 20hours. Just paint & play !

You can see my kickstarter profil for other scenery in other universe ;)

Design Files

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Grande maison tatooine.stl
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Moyenne maison tatooine.stl
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Petite maison tatooine.stl
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Remise souterraine tatooine.stl
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Antenne tatooine 1.stl
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Antenne tatooine 2.stl
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