Medieval House 1 , for warhammer or other game - Wargame scenery

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Here is a set of 5 blueprint to make a medieval house for wargame scenery.

Provided for 25mm wargame, you can change the scale for YOUR scale like this : 

For 15mm : 33%

For 20mm (1/72) : 80%

Layer 200, approx 12h for full print, 5 blueprint & 7 pieces

Design Files

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Echoppe medieval 5.stl
600 KB
Echoppe medieval 2.stl
4.17 MB
Echoppe medieval 1.stl
12.4 MB
Echoppe medieval 3.stl
2.41 MB
Echoppe medieval 4.stl
37.1 MB


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