Anet A6 Hot End Mod 25mm x 32mm

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This part was made for printing with ABS on an Anet A6 easier.

Do you have a Hot End with cool fin dimensions : diameter 22,25mm x 26mm?

Do you have a hot end with cool fin dimensions : diameter 25mm x 32mm? Than you can use it with this model :-)


This is a x wagon that holds a cheap Chinese J-head like hot end. See picture.

The air for cooling the hot end fins is guided in such a way that it can never hit the printed parts. This is for making ABS printing more easy. See print screen.

A big advantage of this part is that changing filament is very easy. You can see where your filament wire go's. No more struggling with that original extruder :-)

On the bottom I placed some Kapton tape to protect the plastic and it helps to create an air tight seal.

You should be able to put this together with the screws and nut you got with your Anet A6 printer.

There are two types:

  • with PLA cooling fan support (main PLA Fan with support material.STL)

  • without PLA cooling fan support (main with support material.STL)

See print screen

In the main housing  print support material is already in. It's a little cylinder on the place where the Hot End will be. See print screen.

---------------------------------All below is optional-------------------------------------------

BEWARE: It could be possible that you do not have enough clearance in the top of the Z axis. If you have that problem you can install “Anet A6 Left upper bracket for higher Z axis” :

In the pictures you can see that I also have installed a cooler on my stepper motor. For that part please see :

I had to break the bottom out to make the screw holes of the motor align with the mounting holes :-).

The cables to the controller are hold by the “Anet A6 Cable holder X wagon“:

printed in silver and gray ABS. 0.2mm resolution, 0.4mm nozzle at 222°C, bed 96°C (100°C would be better I guess. Still suffered a little bit of warping :-) ) on Kapton tape, with an Anet A6 (Anet A6 J-Hotend mod)

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