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This is a modular System to make a Box, Suitcase or Chest really easy. Just print 4 corners and 12 sides and you have a Frame. Then insert Panels into it and you have a box. Of course these Panels can be made of any material you want. Then it can be glued together to make a strong Box.

In one of the Photo's I used Acrylic panels to make a transparent Box as protection for a Buddha statue (didn't glue this Box because I want to be able to take the Statue out). The Size of the Box is determent by the length of the “Sides”.

The Idea is that the sides are scaled (in Length) in the Slicer Software to the Size you need. This way any dimension is possible.

There are 2 different sized “sides”. At 100% Size, one fits 2mm panels the other 4. In the case of the Buddha statue Box I took the “4mm Side” and “Corner 2” and scaled them in all 3 axis dimension to 50%. This making the slot in the “Side” 2mm again to fit the 2mm Acrylic plate. Then I scaled the “Sides” to the length I needed.

If you want to make a Lid on your Box, Hinges are needed. For that the “LID corner”, “LID corner hinge” and the “LID side” can be used. These Peaces make it possible to make a Lid with integrated Hinges (and with the use of two M3x30mm Bolts and nuts).

On the Photos is an example of a Box with 4mm Plywood sides, one with 2mm Acrylic sides and on that has 2mm Acrylic and 2mm Metal sides. The Top of the last one in 1mm Aluminum and thus there was 1mm to much play. Therefor it is shimmed with the optional Shim.

The Screen Shot should give you a better idea how the parts fit together.

Then there is a Lock to hold the Lid closed. It consists out of 4 printed parts, one M4x45mm Bolt and one M4 Nut. In the Examples on the Photos the Assembled Lock is mounted to the Box with M4x10mm bolts and Nuts.

Extra Hinges are also included to make the Hinge part of the Box stronger.

A Handle is also available to carry your Box around. This Handle consists out of three printed parts, two M3x20mm Bolts and 2 M3 Nuts.

Another optional parts is “LID open holder.stl”. This part can be used to hold the Lid of the Box in an open position. It has three pivot points but is printed as on. When printed these pivot point should be able to move freely.

In these examples Black PLA is used. Printed at 0.2mm resolution with a 0.4mm Nozzle.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :-)

Design Files

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585 KB partB.stl
330 KB partA.stl
502 KB partB.stl
462 KB corner 2mm hinge A.stl
310 KB corner 2mm hinge B.stl
289 KB corner 2mm.stl
24.1 KB corner 4mm hinge A.stl
312 KB corner 4mm hinge B.stl
289 KB corner 4mm.stl
24.3 KB open holder.stl
856 KB side 2mm depth12mm.stl
6.56 KB side 4mm depth12mm.stl
5.97 KB partA.stl
445 KB partB.stl
289 KB partC.stl
461 KB partD normal.stl
358 KB partD short.stl
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676 KB 2mm depth12mm.stl
17.9 KB 4mm depth10mm.stl
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