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Well, you people know how it goes with 3D printing… :-) I had made some modifications to the printer to make it able to print specific prints. It works very well and I had it all made. Then I wanted to print higher objects and came to the conclusion that my modifications created other problems. In this case my X carriage would hit the left upper bracket that support the Z rod and spindle. :-) Also the nob of the display was an issue (easy fix is to remove the display from this position).  So I needed to remake this “left upper bracket for the rod and spindle support”.

Because there is not enough time ever, I started off with a model of another Thingiverse User: Anet A6 Z Top 608zz Bearing by juanmito, published Jun 16, 2017 :-)

If you have installed the following listed parts below, I recommend this part: *Anet A6 Extruder motor Cooler *Nema 17 Universal Motor Cooler *Anet A6 Cable holder X wagen *Anet A6 J-Hotend mod

Now my I can reach 240mm Z height with 2 mm to spare! :-)

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