Anet A6 J-Hotend mod 22.26mm x 26mm (UPGRADED NOV-24-2017)

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*support for x limit switch added 

*option for tying hot end cable (so the heater can not fall out) 

*a second model with support for mounting the PLA cooling fan

see pictures :-)

for this model with a hot end with cool fin dimensions 25mm x 32mm please see:


I wanted to mount a chines J-hotend to a A6 Anet printer, but for that i had to make a new X wagen. The dimentions for the cooling fins/parts are: diameter 22,25mm X 26mm. The Original bearing, fan, extruder and end-switch can be reused. I made this for ABS printing, so there is no place for a cooling fan for PLA users... sorry i printed this in PET-G. In the STL file 1 is a Cylinder on the place where the hotend wil come to sit. You can break this cylinder out after the print is ready, this cylinder is for support while printing.

I wanted to mount a better hotend for ABS printing on a cheap Anet printer and be able to cool it good. 

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A6 hotend 1 upgraded housing without PLA Fan mount supportmaterial included.stl
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A6 hotend 1 upgraded housing with PLA Fan mount supportmaterial included.stl
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