Normally I print with ABS and PET-G. I like these materials very much but they have their own problems. They are not very cheap materials to waste. Printing with ABS and PET-G will also take much more time and it is not recommended to cool it. That’s the reason I do not have cooling fans on my printers for cooling the printed material. But my BIG DIY 3D Printer is so huge, that printing big object, takes even more time. Also it’s more expensive if a print fails. For this reason I decided to print with PLA on my BIG DIY 3D Printer. That’s the reason for this Fan.

I used four 30x30mm fans because I had those. It is also adjustable for aiming the airflow. The kapton tape is there for protection against the heat, but I already had the problem that is can lose during the print.  So that something to take in account using it. If I would do this again,  I probably will not use the tape again and just accept the temporary nature of the housing :-).

This fan is easy to install and take not so much room.

But after testing this fan I came to the conclusion that it has one drawback. It can cool only from one direction which can make the print to fail.

Therefor if you have the space, I recommend PLA FAN 2.

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Design Files

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PLA FAN bracket1.stl
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PLA FAN bracket2.stl
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PLA FAN bracket3.stl
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PLA FAN housing.stl
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