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I needed to order some of my cables… :-)

So I made a cable rack or organizer. See print screen. The light blue one is 280 mm, so you need a big printer for that one. The smaller one (dark blue) is 90 mm.  The purple one is 108 mm, but it supposed to be a connector peace. With this connector peace you can connect more peaces if you want a bigger rack. :-)

PS:The openings are 8mm wide

green one is printed in PET-G 0.2mm resolution

White one is ABS 0.2mm resolution

Design Files

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cable organizer long 90mm 1.stl
665 KB
cable organizer long 108mm 2.stl
1.38 MB
cable organizer long 280mm.stl
12.3 MB
cable organizer short 90mm 1.stl
664 KB
cable organizer short 108mm 2.stl
1.38 MB
cable organizer short 280mm.stl
11.5 MB


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